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Whoops, The World is Still Here


Well it appears that all those that were hoping to see the planet meet its demise today were once again disappointed. Yes, there was a great big stone tablet created by an ancient culture that had a calendar on it. Yes, the last day of that calendar was today. Yes, that sure seems like enough evidence to believe that the world would come to an end today. But I suppose that it just goes to show that you can't always trust ancient artifacts to be correct about modern times. There were so many that spoke of a Mayan prophesy. Of course there was no prophesy, just a calendar that ran out of days. A prophesy predicts a future event, a calendar does not. Not any more than the calendar on your refrigerator predicts that there will be a Wednesday next week. I am still unsure why so many people look forward to the end of times. I for one can go on waiting and waiting and not feel the slightest bit let down if it doesn't come. However if you are reading this, and really wanted the Earth to explode, I am sorry. Maybe you will fall down some stairs and break your legs later today, so that the day won't be a total loss for you. home page - Buy JP Garwood Stuff

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