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To Someone I Know

by JP Garwood

Night's dark quiet
has given way once again
to the primal scream of day time fears.
I know you're beautiful at both times,
but my eyes see more clearly in darkness.
Where are you?
Who are you?
I remember when I didn't care,
but now my sole ambition is
to return to a day I never had.
Still, eternal loneliness
must have its advantages.
I don't have to bathe, or care,
or pick you up at any airports.
One day that plane will land however,
and through the maze
of blue sweater-vested attendants
you'll see me, eyes down, wet from rain,
averting my gaze from the light.
Maybe on that day you'll realize that
the distance between any departure and
destination is greater than we may anticipate. home page - Buy JP Garwood Stuff

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