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We Are Under Attack


Those of you who are confused about what has happened to the Ask JP forum, rest assured I am equally confused. We are under attack by viagra pushing robots. Apparently the robots think that we are all depression suffering, erectile disfunctioning, pathetic people. I say nay. I say we are generally happy, and our erecting parts work just fine.

Unfortunately I have been told by my master of all things online related that the site may have to shut down for a while until the robots are defeated. Until such a time comes, I apologize for being unable to answer your questions. I also apologize to two of you for canceling your magazine prescriptions.

While the site is shut down, I suggest you start stockpiling food in case the robots are stronger than we thought. There is nothing better during a robot attack than a big feast. Remember that canned vegetables last much longer, much nothing matches the taste of fresh vegetables.

I'm sorry everyone. We are working on it. Fight the good fight.

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