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The Adult Test (Sample Questions)

by JP Garwood

1. Please put a check next to all the people you believe the term "artist" applies.
Stevie Wonder
Salvadore Dali
Vin Diesel
Tom Robbins
Ray Romano
Bob Dylan
Tom Poston
Tim Allen
Terry Gilliam
Oprah Winfrey

2. True or False... It is okay to put your shopping cart sideways in an aisle while shopping.

3. True or False.... I can identify with a cartoon character because I believe we have similar experiences.

4. Multiple Choice... Jesus hated which of the following phrases?
A. Shit
B. Roman
C. Democrat
D. None of the above, as Jesus didn't speak or understand the
English language.

5. True or False... Professional basketball players are role models for children.

6. Please place a check next to any item that you feel should instill American pride.
a bald eagle
Mickey Mouse
the flag (American)
The Constitution
Frederick Douglass
the 1980 Olympic Hockey team
George Washington
Martha Washington
Ronald Reagan
Woody Guthrie

7. True or False... The Constitution says that you have a right to have a rifle.

8. True or False... The "right to bear arms" means that you can own a flamethrower if you want to.

9. Please place a check next to anything that you voluntarily watched more than one time.
Star Wars
Maury Povich
a Woody Allen movie
a Tim Allen movie
a Sinbad stand-up comedy performance
a George Carlin stand-up comedy performance
The Crucible
The Golden Girls

10. True or False... Children are affected by violence and sex on television, but adults are not. home page - Buy JP Garwood Stuff

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