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The invention of mindface

When I first created my five imaginary friends, known collectively as mindface, I envisioned them as a basketball team. However, given their size and absolute refusal to perform calisthenics, I realized they needed to take on another identity. We tried making them a rowing crew. This worked well at first, but soon problems arose. Our team captain, Steve Graham, would inexplicably fall out of the boat--constantly. I still am unsure if this was accidental or not. Back to the drawing board, as they say.

As I pondered the future mindface, the boys took up music to pass the time. Soon their late night rehearsals were making me lose sleep. (In the future I shall choose imaginary friends with similar sleeping patterns to that of my own.) At first I tried to sway them from their musical path, but they were stubborn. By the fall of 1998, it became necessary for me to release mindface from the depths of my imagination, so they could pursue their musical destiny.

I visit them from time to time, leaving little messages to inspire their music. Things have started to take off for them. They now can play entire sets without Steve Graham falling off the stage. I urge you to come out and see them, and let them smear some of their good time cheer on you. say. home page - Buy JP Garwood Stuff

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