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Altered State

Lyrics - JP Garwood, Steve Leonard / Music - Steve Leonard

counting the moments, sitting at the rest stop at Exit 8
in New Jersey, the winter comes on soon
I know you'll never leave here
You'll go on dancing topless by the Newark moon

The toll collector only has four fingers
I must wonder 'bout his other hand
my change, he takes, but his eyes say "take me with you"
No more vacations in the Seaside sand

As pleasant as the Parkway seems
you're driving past the broken dreams
of everyone New Jersey's crushed beneath her feet
And breathing in the yellow air
you tell yourself that you don't care
you are happy everywhere, inside this altered state

Sometimes I sit and dream of far off places
While you sit and spray your hair up high
the bull shit at the mall is driving me insane
the line at DMV, makes me want to cry

When I look through the haze over Bon Jovi Bridge
I know there's a better way, and maybe we'll got out while we're young

So, me and toll collector, we're gonna escape
nine fingers waving bye-bye the Newark moon
they're gonna replace him with easy pass
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